Reinventing Me


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, despite the many times I’ve sat here clicking away on the keyboard. Many times when I attempt to put something out here, I find that my words harboring some negative energy and although the feelings are true in the moment, that is not what I want to post here. It feels as if publishing my negativity somehow makes it exist forever…never really being able to release it. That sounds kind of hokey even as I write it, but that’s just how it’s going to have to be.

The other reason I have been slow to publish is because I find I write myself in circles, and can never quite reach the end of a post. So, here I am starting over….and not just from a blogging perspective!

First a little update!

When I last posted I had just recently started sitting in a drop in development circle, and was testing the waters of spirituality. I had come to know fairly quickly where I found my home in this new (to me) world. I attended Sunday morning service at the Calgary Center for Spiritual Living a few times, and loved it. Unfortunately other things in life have really just taken priority and I haven’t been in months. I love to know, though, that should I ever really need it, it is always there for me.

I was also attending Sunday evening service at the Gateway center from time to time. I love it there also, for different reasons. Although I am able to make it to this one much more often, it has not been a regular event for me either. I do, however, attend circle there still….religiously! I attended the Monday night circle every week until July when I joined a committed circle, also at the Gateway, on Tuesday evenings. I miss Monday’s, as it is a different circle leader and a completely different energy and experience (though every experience is a different one there!), and I try to attend still on long weekend Monday’s every chance I get!

I have had some phenomenal experiences at both circles, and had the opportunity to try out many different techniques and exercises to further my psychic development. I have come to realize and accept that mediumship and psychic connections do not look or feel at all like what I expected they would and should be. Letting go of that expectation and just learning to be in the moment and notice every.little.thing has been challenging, and is something I am still working on, but it’s getting a little easier.

I was awarded a bursary through the Gateway center to attend “Stansted by the Rockies“. It’s a three day intensive workshop with the good folks from Arthur Findlay College in the UK and focuses on platform mediumship…developing the skill to stand up on stage and give evidence based messages to people in the audience.

I am incredibly nervous and excited….but mostly nervous! I am becoming more confident in my ability to connect with spirit, but still feel that I’m way out of my league attending this event. You see, I know now many people that have attended this workshop in the past, and/or have gone directly to the UK to study on campus and let me tell you….they’re GOOD. But, I am trying to remember that I am going there to learn, and not expected to come as an expert!

This event starts Friday evening and goes straight through until Monday evening. I’m looking forward to attending with other mediums I’ve come to know and love from circle, and for all the wonderful people I’m about to meet! I hope that I will have some exciting stories to share when it’s all over.

In the meantime, I thought I’d focus a little more on everything else that is Brandi. Spirituality has become such a huge part of my life, very quickly, and I love to talk about it…but it is not all that is me.

I am a SAHM to two beautiful young girls, and we have recently begun our homeschooling journey…officially! Plus, I have just started myself a happiness project! What a perfect time to get into writing more often when I have so many changes happening that I am not only excited to share, but also want to keep track of. Plus, I’m hoping that posting here will somewhat help me to hold myself accountable to these things, motivate and inspire me to succeed every day.

My happiness project is quite important to me, and although I’ve been working on it since the beginning of the month I haven’t quite got it all written out in any particular format that would make sense to anyone but myself ….if even to me that is! So, tomorrow, I’m going to tackle the task of getting it

laid out and sharing it here.

I’m looking forward to all the great things to come, and to sharing with you how I am reinventing me.



Me and My Girls.

Me and My Girls.


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